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Cloud-based antivirus application from Webroot provides comprehensive Internet threat protection for your PC, Mac and mobile devices without slowing down your system. Identifying theft prevention measures, Webroot defends you against identity theft by protecting private information such as passwords, usernames, account numbers, and other personal data and information. Deploy Webroot SecureAnywhere on any device of your choice using a variety of methods, depending on your network size and business requirements. Get Webroot Install With Key Code done on devices such as laptop, Windows PC, server, or virtual server installed within your networking. You can check for a list of endpoint system requirements as a way to setup Webroot on your system.

In the digital online era, you need to have an antivirus system installed on your device for security from phishing attacks and other cyber threats. Webroot Install With Key Code is a way to go to secure your device against external threats and malwares. Webroot comprehensively protects more than one linked devices such as Mac, Windows, and you cellphones from online threats like malware, viruses, and other threats. It’s an award-winner antivirus application that you use for business and home networks. Hence, it is always advisable to get the product key and Install Webroot with key code on your device. Install on your system the best antivirus safeguard anywhere – Webroot Internet Security Plus, Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus, or Webroot Internet Security Complete – to get the best security cover anytime round-the-clock.

What is Webroot Key code?

Webroot key code is the alphanumeric key that comes with any software application that you purchase and it is used for installation the application on your system. With Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus program, Webroot key code is mentioned in its retail packaging. You simply require to pick up the retail pack on to see key code on the lower left end of its backside. The key code is best needed at the final step of software application installation.

Prerequisites Webroot Install With Key Code

Before installing any antivirus application such as Webroot, you need to be sure about certain things. This is required to ensure that your installation goes on smoothly and is not interrupted in between. So, at th very inception, you have a look and be sure about the installed programs on your computer. In case, you have any internet security software or other antivirus programs already running on the system, you need to remove that one prior to installing your Webroot with the help of any key code. Also, you have to remember to restart your computer after the removal of the antivirus from the system. This will make for a proper Webroot Install With Key Code.

Steps to Take Before You Webroot Install With Key Code

Before you start to Install Webroot with key code on your system, there are a few things you need to do. These steps are finding the appropriate key code, creation of your account, checking the system specifications, and downloading the Webroot software from the Net. These steps can be mentioned as follows:

Finding your Webroot activation key –

The Webroot key is a 20-digit alphanumeric characters code which is used for activation of your application. You can get this code online as well as offline. Hence you need first to locate this key with below-mentioned instructions;

Find the key Online:

You can purchase the key code online from an online store such as the Webroot store, Walmart store, or the Best Buy. In this case, when you seek this code online, you will get the key in your email that you can use when you go for Webroot Install With Key Code. To locate the key, this is what you need to do:

  • Using the mail app or browser, you need to open your email.
  • Search for the Webroot mail and open it.
  • In the WSAV email, there are instructions given which you need to follow and copy the code on the clipboard.
  • Now, you need to enter the key to download the setup.

Find the key on your Retail Card:

In case, the user wants to go for offline options, then you need to visit your neighborhood retail stores and purchase retail card. Thereafter, the user needs to follow the below-mentioned instructions to locate and activate the product code:

  • As a way to locate the code for Webroot Install With Key Code, open the Retail card outer packaging.
  • Check the side where the instructions are given.
  • No, scratch and redeem the 20-digit hidden code that looked like XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX.
  • Then, utilize this code as you Install Webroot with key code and activate it.

Create Webroot SecureAnywhere account

As and when you buy the license key for Webroot, it asks for your account specifications. Then, you need to create the account with the instructions mentioned below;

1. Go to https://my.webrootanywhere.com on your web browser.

2.Therein, you will find “Login” and “Create an Account” links,

3.Click on the Create account link.

4.This will open the registration page.

5.Now, as step to go for Webroot Install With Key Code, enter the key code you received offline or online.

6.Enter the email, a personal security code, create a password, a security question, as well as an answer to that.

7.Now, click on the ‘Register now’ button.

Having gone through the above-mentioned steps, validate and confirm the created account as a requirement while Installing Webroot with key code on your device.

Download Webroot SecureAnywhere

As a next step towards Webroot Install With Key Code, you need to download and install Webroot with key code from the Webroot site. Here, it is mandatory to make it sure that your device is properly connected to the Net and the device is fulfilling all the system requirements. Now, follow the below instructions to download Webroot setup;

Step 1 – On the on the web browser, go to webroot.com/secure webpage.

Step 2 – Key in the email that you just registered with your Webroot product key.

Step 3 – In case of retail card type your key code or in case of online purchase, paste the product key in the given field.

Step 4 – Press the ‘next’ button.

Step 5 – From the provided list, find the download option and press on Download.

Step 6 – Choose a device that you want Webroot Install With Key Code and download the setup on it.

Step by Step on Installing Webroot With Key Code On Windows System

To Install webroot with key code on Windows, you need to follow the below mentioned steps;

Step 1: Open folder that contains the downloaded file and click to open the installer.

Step 2: Double-click on the Webroot icon that end with .exe file extension.

Step 3: A dialog box opens up on the screen to enter the key code..

Step 4: Enter the key code and click on the “Agree and install” tab.

Step 5: Hit YES and enter your details the software is asking for.

Step 6: Key in the Continue button and go through the privacy policies and user license agreement and accept it.

Step 8: Having finished the Webroot Install With Key Code, click on the “Start using SecureAnywhere” button to begin using the application.

Install Webroot With Key Code on Mac System

Step 1: First of all, search the installation file ending with “.DMG” on the download folder.

Step 2: On the pop-up that displays, click OPEN.

Step 3: Next, change the software language or skip the section altogether.

Step 4: Click the Next tab and enter the Webroot key code therein.

Step 5: Click the “Agree and Install” tab.

Step 6: Enter the details of Mac administrator when Webroot asks for it. Now, click OK as a next step to go for  Webroot Install With Key Code.

Step 7: Now, click on the “Open System Preferences” button.

Step 8: Next, from the “Security and Privacy” option, click on the Privacy link.

Step 9: To locate the Apps list, look on the left side of the screen. Choose Full Disk Access and unlock the padlock.

Step 10: Now, you need to click on the tap on the plus “+” sign on the list as a step for Webroot Install With Key Code.

Step 11: Go to the Applications window to select and open the Webroot SecureAnywhere.

Step 13: On the main window Click NEXT. Then, tap on the “Install Extension” link.

Step 14: Click on the General tab in the next page..

Step 16: Click “Allow” and go back on the main page.

Step 17: Finally, you need to completely go for the Webroot Install With Key Code by clicking on Finish button. This installs the Webroot application on your Mac system.


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