If you already have security software, including previous versions of Kaspersky, in your PCs control panel, make sure that you remove them before installing the latest version of Kaspersky.

If you need expert solution on how to remove the security software, you can check the Geek Squad list which contains removal tools for conflicting software.

Procedure To Install Kaspersky Security Software –

Installingsecurity software has never been this easy. Kaspersky Geek Squad Install helps you update or install the software.

  • Saving The Installation file –

You will see a tab labelled ‘Download Kaspersky Internet Security’. Click on the tab, you will be directed to the web browser where it will ask you to save the file. Use the ‘Drop down’ menu to select your Desktop and Click ‘Save’ thereon. How long it takes to download depends on your internet speed. The total time can be anywhere between a few minutes to an hour.

Once it is done, the Setup Wizard will open, click ‘Install’ and move ahead with the process.

  • Installation Process –

To finish the installation procedure, you will have to accept the ‘terms’ by clicking the check box. But make sure that you have reviewed Kaspersky Lab’s End User License Agreement. The link to this agreement is give just above the check box.

There is a feature called Kaspersky Security Network. The Kaspersky Security Network has these advantages –

The security network connects users around the world.The responses to threats are quick and effectiveIt shows real time website reputation information.

If you wish to install the application on these Operating Systems, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1, you may receive a notification named ‘User Account Control’. To proceed with the installation, enter your administrative password and click on the ‘Yes’ tab in the ‘User Account Control’ window.

Ensure that the check box titled ‘Run Kaspersky Internet Security’ is selected. Click the ‘Finish’ button and wait for the installation process to complete.

  • How To Activate The Software –

Few things to keep in mind before you proceed with the activation process – make sure your internet connection is fine and that the date set in your PC is correct.

The activation window will be displayed on the screen. Enter the activation code in the respective box. The activation code consists of only Latin letters and numbers. If you closed the application right after installing it or cannot find the activation window, run ‘Kaspersky Internet Security’, you will find a link in the lower-right side of the Main window, named, ‘Enter activation code’. Click the ‘Activate’ button, it is placed exactly below the ‘Activation Code’ box.

  • Activation Code –

One important detail you should be careful about is the Activation Code. Make sure that you place the Activation Code in a secure place. If you need help with activation contact Geek squad customer service team.

Kaspersky Geek Squad Focus Area

We will be mentioning below all the programs Kaspersky Geek Squad Install deals with. The plan does not just include helping you install and activate the Kaspersky Security Software, there are other perks too.

  • Kaspersky Geek Squad Install assists users with Kaspersky Installation and un-installation operations.
  • Kaspersky Geek Squad Install also consists of Kaspersky Anti-virus re-installation and with anti-virus up-gradation help
  • You will also get help with services like Kaspersky anti-virus software up-gradation.
  • Kaspersky Geek Squad Install comes with features like setting up internet security settings per your device’s needs. It also helps in scanning and eradicating viruses and other such malicious programs from your device.
  • Some additional perks with Kaspersky Geek Squad Install are – assistance with resolving and troubleshooting Kaspersky problems and customizing Kaspersky Internet Security Settings.

If you place your trust in Kaspersky Geek Squad Install you need not worry about any complication whatsoever, that may arise in near future. The plans cover a wide range of services, security software uninstallation, up-gradation, maintenance, to name a few. All these features are offered to guarantee total protection to users from all kinds of online threats. To renew the Kaspersky plan contact the geek squad renewal team.